Marc Fusco, Writer-Director Toggle

Having recently directed My Uncle Rafael, a comedy staring Missi Pyle, John Michael Higgins, and which remained in the top five at the Box Office for three weeks (per screen average), Marc Fusco has been developing and writing comedy and thrillers for over twenty years. Former long-time assistant to Steven Spielberg, Fusco directed and co-wrote the cult indie feature Stealing Time, starring Peter Facinelli, Jennifer Garner, and Scott Foley. Some of Marc’s writing work includes the original comedy The Reel Killers for DreamWorks, the upcoming comedy No Air Guitar Allowed and Buried In The Desert for Lore d’Morrow, and has performed writing work on the upcoming thriller The Last Knights, starring Morgan Freeman and Clive Owen, and the thriller The Courier, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Fusco has also carved out a niche after adapting several amazing life stories of real people.

In the late 1990s, after working in production at Amblin Entertainment, Fusco was handpicked by Steven Spielberg to work closely as the director’s personal assistant. For over four years, he assisted the Academy Award-winning director on the films The Lost World, Amistad, and Saving Private Ryan, AI, and Catch Me If You Can and also during the start-up of DreamWorks, which included work on films such as American Beauty, Deep Impact, Catch Me If You Can, The Love Letter and Castaway to name a few. During his tenure with Spielberg, Fusco directed and produced a short film entitled The Interview that premiered at the 1998 International Venice Film Festival. Fusco also consults as editor/writer on several feature film projects annually.